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Default All I want to do is make a hoster plugin

I am trying to shortcut the development method by developing against my installed instance. I tried decompiling (DJ) the sharingmatix one then recompiled it with it with a new name ( Next, I set the right claspath (JDownloader.jar), and placed the .class file in the hoster directory. It is not showing up in my hoster list.

I am guessing that there is some sort of check going on. I was just presuming that addon meant just that, but apparently I am mistaken.

I develop java typically using ultraedit and making bat files with setting my classpath with -classpth arg (I don't even use ant for that matter). I checked out the whole svn trunk from the 'first steps' guide using tortoise. Can I build this without eclipse? If not, then which eclipse should I get. Their download site has Eclipse IDE for java developers (99MB), Eclipse Classic (170MB), and since the guide says 3.4 based, I also found one called These are big downloads. For the least amount of hassle, which should I go with?

Since new hosters seem to spring up like weeds, I wanted to learn how to build hoster addons myself. Please advise on the quickest means to an end.
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