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You're misunderstanding the issue here so I'll try to explain again:
1. The issue will happen when a MEGA download is started via multihost (e.g. in your case and stopped for whatever reason and then gets tried to be resumed directly via MEGA.
This is exactly what happened here.

2. Why was JD unable to resume via real-debrid?
Originally Posted by Cyberavater View Post
But there is still a question tho... Why it was trying to resume using a different hoster? I mean I had bandwidth left in 2 of 3 accounts (1 mega free was finished but 1 mega premium and 1 real-debrid premium). So, my question is this, if it downloaded first part using real-debrid why not finish it up with real-debrid since I have bandwidth left there why use mega and say not possible?[...]
Short answer:
Multihosts are unreliable - see also our multihost troubleshooting guide.

Long answer:
The better question would be "why did the download stop in the first place"?
Did you stop it?
Anyways - you asked for the detailed reason and here it is:
According to your log, real-debrid returned the following error upon download request:
	"error": "hoster_not_free",
	"error_code": 20
This happened multiple times in a row until JD "gave up" and tried via MEGA directly.
See the real-debrid AI documentation for more details on errorcode 20:
--> According to your log, this real-debrid account is a FREE account and it seems like MEGA is unsupported via real-debrid free account (?)
---> For more info, please contact the real-debrid support.


Hmm appearently, real-debrid free accounts cannot be used to download anything ... at least not in JD.
The host list of real-debrid free accounts is supposed to be empty ...
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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
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