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Default hoster download problem

I have created a second account on to download more frequently (The first has been working well, until today), as the limit when cutting downloads is 10Gb (I don't understand).
jDownloader reports 2 errors:
1) At the account level: Too many connections on current account via current IP.
2) At the file level: Try to reset the link: (Plugin out of date).
As I was saying, I don't understand how the daily download limit is short at 10Gb, when the subscription says that it is 80Gb per day: Hitfile says:

The rest of the traffic until the end of the day: 80,00 GB (de 80 GB//dia)

The rest of the monthly traffic: 1200,00 GB (de 1200 GB/mes) untill 09.10.2020 19:34

Please check me where the problem may be.
I'm waiting for your response. A greeting.

Atached log:
14.09.20 17.04.36 <--> 14.09.20 18.37.50 jdlog://9536225302851/
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