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Default Hitfile doesnīt restore Correct account: Premium account

Hello again.

Sorry, but since the last update I have not seen any of the 2 accounts I have on with the message: "Account correct: Premium account".

The message I constantly see is "You have reached your premium download limit". However, so often (2 or 3 hours, i think) it allows me to make some downloads, which last time were 4 from a 5Gb each file (first account) and 8 from the other, also 5Gb each file.

Now it randomly displays the messages "You have reached your premium download limit" and "403 You have reached the download limit from this IP address."

In my account from hitfile webpage i can see:

Your Premium access to downloads is temporarily blocked.
Reason: You have reached the limit of premium downloads.
Blocking end time: 2020-09-17 00:00:00

Estado: Activo.

Date start: 12.09.2020 14:04

Date end: 07.10.2020 14:04 Extend

The rest of the traffic until the end of the day: 52,95 GB (de 80 GB//dia)
The rest of the monthly traffic: 1120,08 GB (de 1200 GB/mes) untill 07.10.2020 14:04

I donīt now if it helps, but i open a ticket asking for support with the last problem and the reply to me this:

You have reached the limit of premium downloads. This means that you can't generate more than 250 premium links in day. Unfortunately you exceeded this limit."

Could you please review it?

Attached log: 19.09.20 10.59.29 <--> 19.09.20 18.00.32 jdlog://3567225302851/

Thanks in advance.

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