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Originally Posted by ElCho View Post
That way, I could let JD2 keeps downloading files and/or even decompressing at least another one at the same time, without hogging the whole disk's bandwidth.

Otherwise, making the "decryption" process doesn't count as another "download" task to the queuing system, will let at least the files' amount set in the "Max. simultaneous Downloads" option be respected, and the rest of files keep being downloaded, while just "one at a time" is being decrypted.
The "decryption" process is part of the download and required so we know that the file is complete and can be used by post processing, eg extraction and other stuff like Mirror-Handling or *File already exists*. "one at a time" decryption is to reduce IO pressure on disk

Either your download speed is much much faster than your disk IO throughput or you have configuration issues on your setup.
It won't matter if the "decryption" process is causing IO issues or "hash check" after each download. The disk must be able to support IO for download AND hashcheck and others, eg extraction. You cannot download with 100Mbyte/s when your disk only holds up to 50Mbyte/s.
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