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Originally Posted by sherif011 View Post
Thank you, but I'm not sure what trigger I should be using for the 1st script, do I have to add and configure a new button? And what if I need to change the limit, do I have to change it in both scripts?

leave the 2nd script alone, dont change anything there. because trigger is interval, it runs silently in the background every x number of mili-seconds (change that at top right corner of eventscript editor, 1000 = 1second) to check if x GB limit is met that is set by the 1st script.

1st script is a controller, allows your to enter x GB limit and also start a new session everytime you select/click on it. to activate the controller, create a button or a menu selector for it. there are 3 options for trigger described but there are also other options to do that.

the 3 commonly used are Toolbar Button at the top, or add menu selector when you Right-Mouse-Click or in the Main menu.

here is the tutorial, But the easiest way is after you set trigger to e.g 'Toolbar Button Pressed', go back into eventscripter editor, there is now a button at the top call 'Main Toolbar', click on that, follow the tutorial above to create a button. rename 'Event Scripter' to 'Start Monitor Loaded Bytes'

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