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Originally Posted by MrBojangles_ View Post
1: This script works fine, until after it runs test.exe, when that task completes the downloads don't start again...I don't understand why.
What is the status of the link after you have the script has finished running? Is it "OFFLINE" or "UNKNOWN"? You can try resetting the link after running the external program.

Originally Posted by MrBojangles_ View Post
2: I want to be able to measure the interval between occurrences of the script. For example take the system time, save as a global variable, then compare that with system time the next time a download goes offline.
var myObject = setProperty(myString/*"key"*/, myObject/*anyValue*/, myBoolean/*global(boolean)*/);/*Set a Property. This property will be available until JD-exit or a script overwrites it. if global is true, the property will be available for al scripts*/
/* Example: */var oldValue=setProperty("myobject", { "name": true}, false);

var myObject = getProperty(myString/*"key"*/, myBoolean/*global(boolean)*/);/*Get a Property. Set global to true if you want to access a global property*/
/* Example: */var value=getProperty("myobject", false);
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