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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
It will attempt to download UNKNOWN links. If they are still OFFLINE, they will be again marked as such.

If you post the log ID of that session and also provide the urls of the links which fail to start, the developers might be able to check it and provide more information.
I think I see what the problem is: the start button stays greyed out until after the script completes (or maybe just the if statement? Needs testing), so maybe you can't stop and start downloads in the same script? A hacky solution for now is to save a text file (or global variable if I can get that working) with start=yes and then run a separate interval script that tests if start=yes then startDownloads().

I'm moving onto problem two now, I have tried to set a global variable that I can recall later, using the commands you showed:

   FirstTime = typeof(FirstTime) == 'undefined' ? 0 : FirstTime;
   setProperty(FirstTime, {"stamp"}, true);

   var RetrievedTimeStamp = getProperty(FirstTime, true);
Test running this script works fine, and I get expected result. If I try to getProperty in a different script (or comment out first two lines in original script) though it tells me FirstTime is undefined. But I thought it should stay defined asa global variable until JD exits?

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