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Question Wrong File Type Icon Showing in Linkgrabber & Download Lists

I have a strange issue that I've tried hard to fix and so far, failed.

The file type icon for mkv files is not showing the correctly in JD2 linkgrabber and download lists. I had VLC installed but I've uninstalled it in favor of another player. I did a proper uninstall and have made thoroughly sure there are no traces of it left on the system, (even combed through the registry) but the icon for mkv files is still displaying that ugly orange & white safety cone.

Strangely enough, all other video file type icons for the new software are showing up correctly in JD2 (mp4, avi etc), just not for mkvs

I triple checked all the standard stuff within Windows and the media player software (GOMPlayer btw) like file associations, default program etc and everything is working fine and as it should, everywhere EXCEPT the mkv icon in JD2 linkgrabber and download list. I even ran a file types manager to make 100% sure the correct icon is associate with mkvs. Rebuilt windows icon cache, reverted JD2 settings to known good ones etc. I'm stumped.

I know it's a petty issue but it's driving me mad. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.

See attached images, one for mkv (wrong icon), one for mp4 and webm (both correct icons).
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