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Default "Check for updates" /Restart problems

Yesterday when RS plugin stopped working I did "Check for updates" and none were found. So I drearily went to download via the olde-fashioned way.

But later looking at the plugin directory (I had left JD running so I could use Reconnect to reset my IP between browser downloads) I noticed that the Rapidshare plugin had a timestamp of a few minutes earlier. So there had been a "silent" update.

But the new plugin still didn't work so I gave up for a while. Later found the advice to restart to activate the plugin.

So finally it worked. Which was great, and a very fast fix.

But there is obviously something very clumsy going on here. The user has to know to do things that are not documented or obvious.

Why doesn't JD TELL ME THAT THERE ARE UPDATES when there are???

Why doesn't JD TELL ME TO RESTART and offer to do so if it's necessary to make the plugins work???

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