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@armindvd: You can contact me via for deeper helper/guiding

jd.plugins.PluginForDecrypt (Crawler) are processing links and may return one or multiple other links. Crawler plugins are used to process galleries/sets of links and/or find/return multiple qualities. the most important method to override here is decryptIt

jd.plugins.PluginForHost (Hoster) are handling the actual download of a single link! They contain logic for account/link check and free/premium(with account) downloading.

You basically create new class in either jd.plugins.decrypter or jd.plugins.hoster and extend either PluginForDecrypt or PluginForHost. Take a look at any of the existing plugins!
And just ask Don't ask to ask.

We can provide better help/guiding when you tell us what kind of site/plugin you want to fix/write. Maybe provide example link?
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