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Hi, i have another problem -.- or maybe is my bad.

In setting > connection manager


For Free Downloads, JDownloader will try to use all available proxies simultanous.

I'm downloading from Mega, but JD2 is only using "No Proxy" (ethernet) and not my anther internet conection (wlan). Is both checked, and first "no proxy", second "direct gateway"

Or maybe the proxies simultanous is only for diferent servers ? sample: mega (no proxy) - sendspace (direct gateway) like that ?


Note1: have 8 link from mega, and all downloading fron "No proxy"

Note2: I "fixed" the problem with:

1. uncheck "no proxy" (first on the list), so the firsts downloads is from "direct wlan0"
2. check "no proxy", and the second download is from "direct" (no proxy)
3. need repeat 1 and 2 for new downloads

So... there are one problem here....

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