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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post Software caused connection abort: Recv failed
i suggest to remove firewall, restart computer and try again
this is clearly a sign that some software intercepts network communication
Ok I'll try that, I'm just surprised because it's worked fine with no interruptions for a while, and also it worked without any hitches on my old system before I did a fresh install.


OK latest update, well I turned off my firewall (running Sunbelt vipre antivirus, and yes windows firewall was off as well), rebooted, then tried just some random RS link I found:
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....and still the problem persists, I have attached a copy of the latest log file for you to download and view in .rar format, please after you have downloaded it, open it with notepad or change the file extension back to .txt (I know, bypassed your file managers limits. :D sneaky eh?)

This is really starting to absolutely make no sense as to why it's happening to me, it's never happened before, in fact before this I found JD a real pleasure to use I had nothing at all to complain about it was a joy to use, I found the link grabber a nice touch, the way downloads 9/10 times ran at my full bandwidth speed and sometimes when I wasn't using premium, and also the IP management system very helpful indeed.

So I don't know I'm starting to think possibly malware, but that would make no sense, I practice safe computing, I know what's safe and what isn't, what's legit, and what's not.

Gah, anyway thanks for everyone's help so far please continue, I really hope we do get to the bottom of this, also I run JD in ubuntu linux (I dual boot), and I haven't checked yet but I'm pretty sure it will be running normally over there, so at least I do have one working link loader.

Also, would you suggest uninstalling my AV, and re-installing? and maybe JD again after that too?


Well I've just uninstalled vipre and then temporarily enabled windows firewall and then downloaded a file without fail, so safe to say it is vipre, I just don't get why when it has been working fine earlier, so I'm going to reinstall it but make sure this time it's properly configured for use side by side with JD.

For future updates, I suggest getting in contact with the guys at Sunbelt vipre and telling them how their AV is effecting Jdownloader and perhaps they can address the problem in an update their end, you know maybe send them the logs etc.. It's obviously something that occurs over time too.

I don't think we finished here just yet though, I'll install vipre again and get back to you.

- regards

- 4F





After all this I have corrected the problem, well found a solution that works.

Now I think I will blame Sunbelt Vipre for this, for essentially giving their AV menu system multiple settings which actually do the same thing as each other, just maybe in different ways, but on the other hand I applaud Sunbelt for making an anti-virus and firewall which are very thorough.
The problem was Vipre (well the premium version as far as know) has at least 3 settings which do pretty much the same thing but in different ways e.g in the firewall section they have a "bad website exception" but then if you go deeper into that section they then have "custom web filter settings" , "allowed applications" , "allowed websites" and this is where the problem lies, changing neither "allowed applications" or "allowed websites" won't have the desired results you expect if you add an application or website to them because it's the firewall and active protection working in conjunction it seems when it comes to blocking Jdownloader and/or Java. But then I found another setting and boy if I didn't notice it I'd still be here cursing "why are you not working, GOD!" lol, so anyway for anyone else in the future running Sunbelt Vipre Antivirus and Jdownloader who has come across this problem too here is your fix, and it's quite a simple one, if only Sunbelt Vipre explained as such:

Simply double click on the Vipre tray Icon (or search "vipre" in the windows start menu) the main vipre window should load up as normal, from there, there will be a menu bar with "overview" , "scan" etc. , now click "manage" from that list, then 4th down in the list you should see "Always Allowed" and next to that will be "View allowed items" click that, then simply add "jdownloader.exe" , "java.exe" and "javaw.exe" file paths in program files to the list, click OK and then neither Vipre's firewall or active protection will block Jdownloader in the slightest and all will be well and smooth again when it comes to downloads. :D

Please moderators, leave this thread up for others to see in the future, I'm sure other Vipre users will come across this problem in the future especially because of how annoying Vipre's menu can be, but please feel free to clean up the thread a bit as you see fit.

This has been 4our Foxtrot,


Signing off.



YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING, it's stopped working again downloads loose connection, tested for megaupload and rapidshare.

Hell, I'm starting to think this is possibly my ISP, time to implement encryption in Jdownloader I think.

Fresh Logs:


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