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Default Proxy selection is inefficient

When Jdownloader selects the proxy to use for the next connection it doesn't skip the proxies already in use with the filehost (free service with 1 IP limit).

Example: You have 20 downloads for filehost1 (free service, limit 1 IP per download)
You have 10 proxies (1 direct connection, 9 proxies).
File 10 completes before files 1-9 (it was a small file) and file 11 starts.
Jdownloader will sequentially try the first 9 proxies and wait the 1+ minute countdown for each one and then find out each is IP limited to 1 connection before trying the next. Finally when it tries the 10th proxy the download will start.

That is a large waste of time. JDownloader knows filehost1 only allows 1 IP per download in free mode, so it should be skipping all proxies that are already downloading from filehost1. (or if the filehost allows 2 from each IP, skip all proxies that are already connected twice, etc)

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