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Default Its down to the Websites and Google.

OK, here is my analysis of this issue.

Summary: It is down to the individual users (website owners) of Google's reCaptcha v3.

From my observations, I suspect that the individual website owners, that use reCaptcha, can set/request different levels of complexity from Google.

I have come to this determination, in the most part, due to two specific websites. One is Rapidgator. Now that reCaptcha has "settled down" a little, following the transition to v3, I have noticed that even if a Captcha is answered correctly the first time it is completed, on the Rapidgator site, it invariably fails and you need to complete another Captcha. It is the same every time for me (using browser extension in Firefox).

On another site that uses reCaptcha, I complained to the website owner over and over again, because for some reason the Captcha would fail, even if answered correctly, at least four times (sometimes more). This went on for several weeks. And then one day, suddenly, it was only necessary to complete the Captcha once. It has been that way ever since.

So from what I can tell, by default, JDownloader handles reCaptcha v3 well.

If you are suffering ongoing problems, I believe it is the website owners/support teams you need to contact. To convince them to "dial back" the complexity of the Captchas they use.

I hope this helps.
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