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For this exemple i see at least 5 times "Connection problems" also i lost a lot of time

i have this problem for all download not only youtube

sometimes i quit jdownloder and restart jdownloader it s go faster that wait 5 min
i try to send a force download start order but no effect

i give my idee but it s maybe only good for me...

i think a delay of 15-30 sec would be ok for no ddos attack detect
and if a new file start and don t have problem that can delete the delay on the first file if the download file number is one or put the delay to 15 sec if more

or just one of this two idee can help me a lot

or for only user responsibility put an order to delete delay when i don t be waiting in front of
my pc the 5 min don t be no more a problem

if you can make something for me i will be very happy but if you can t no problem


Bugreport ID

21.02.19 19.16.55 <--> 21.02.19 20.10.00 jdlog://8012676935451/

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