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Default Adv setting: GeneralSettings: Url Order


I just updated to JD2, and I already miss the copy url via a right click wich was available in JD.
I was then browsing the pages of the board here, and it seems than I can choose which URL to display in the Download From column that I activated.
This can be done in the above advanced setting GeneralSettings: Url Order.
Nevertheless, I have a hard time finding the proper value to show the origin URL (the address at the host, e.g. **External links are only visible to Support Staff**www.rapidgator something, and not the URL of the page that included the link, like a forum's address).
When clicking on the question mark at the end of the line, it is said that the valid field are CONTAINER, CONTENT, ORIGIN, REFERER, but if I type in ORIGIN instead of the null value, I'm told that 'ORIGIN' is not a valid 'UrlDisplayEntry'.
This topic says OriginUrl, but I get the same error message when entering OriginUrl.
Sorry for being lame, can anyone tell me what is the value I should enter?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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