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Default Is it a good idea to put JD2 download folder on SSD?(not the one Windows 10 is on)

I have three SSDs and one hard drive in my PC. I built it from scratch from all new parts.

C: 250gb SSD, Windows 10 and other programs, including JD2, are installed on this drive)

D: 500gb SSD, only my personal audio/video/photo files are on this one

E: 500gb SSD, blank right now

F: 2TB hard drive, JDownloader2 download folder is currently here. No other files on this drive.

Is it a good idea to put JD2 download folder on the last SSD (E:)? It's a Sandisk Ultra 500gb SSD that I bought from Best Buy store for $43 when it was on sale... which means it's not the end of the world if the drive dies somehow... I"m just wondering if the repeated, constant large file writing on the SSD from Jdownlaoder2 can kill it much earlier than a hard drive....

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