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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
I have noticed (also just tried) that if the decrypter ( in this case) is blacklisted in the direct connection, it will use proxies.

Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Will it cycle for the decrypter in such cases or ...
I think no.

Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
... does it keep only using the first proxy in list. In other words is there a workaround to cycle proxies with decryrpters, or does it only work strictly with downloads?
With decrypters, nope. GeneralSettings.freeproxybalancemode is ONLY for downloads. Other functions only using the first good proxy in the list.

First the small export function in js for crazy config places.
writeFile(JD_HOME + "/tmp/biglist.json", JSON.stringify(callAPI("config", "list"),undefined,4), false);
Proxy list is under updatev2 says the list function.

My linkgrabber proxy cycle script:
// LinkGrabber Proxy cycle
// Trigger required: "New Crawler Job"

var old_proxylist = [];
var new_proxylist = [];
var first_active = "";

var settings = "org.jdownloader.updatev2.InternetConnectionSettings";
var storage = "cfg/org.jdownloader.settings.InternetConnectionSettings";
old_proxylist = callAPI("config", "get", settings, storage, "customproxylist");

for (var key in old_proxylist) {
    if (old_proxylist.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
        if (old_proxylist[key].enabled == true && first_active == "") {
            first_active = old_proxylist[key];
        } else {
callAPI("config", "set", settings, storage, "customproxylist", new_proxylist);
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