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Hi, I'd like a way to output all filenames in a given package to either the clipboard or a text file. I've studied the thread, and it shows ways to export download URLs only (I believe) and disable files with duplicate filenames relative to a text file/actual disk files, and I'll probably experiment with those in the future.

In my case though, copying the same source URL again after some time (not always) creates a whole new package with all the same files (they don't show up as dupes), plus all the changes I'm oblivious about, and I've already done that. I'm wasting so much time right now just trying to find out which files are new, renamed, or even removed out of hundreds and hundreds in there, I believe my best bet right now is copying the 2 different lists (original + new) to Notepad++ and handle it from there.

I'm still experimenting with the Packagizer, Event Filter and Advanced Settings, but right now they aren't gonna help, so a file list is the only thing that's gonna untangle this web.

Thanks for any help!

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