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Originally Posted by dankmemer View Post
I tried searching but I don't think my specific case was discussed here!

I am downloading files that sometimes have the same file name, however they are not the same file. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they're not. I think this was a website that did poor CDN practices early on, but later changed their file name system when they grew.

Anyways, what the script would have to check for is both the file name AND the size of the file. If both are the same, then the file is a duplicate, otherwise download the file by renaming the new file.

The files are all within folder, example:
Folder > Folder1 > 67575675.jpg
Folder > Folder1 > 67575675.jpg (duplicate)

There are other folders, so in that example imagine Folder2, etc. BUT this script only needs to check the folder it's saving within.
Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@dankmemer: this option tells JDownloader to compare file sizes as well. so different filesize -> different file
Looks like the user's requirement is similar to the one in this thread.
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