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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Merged EventScripter threads.

@pspzockerscene Were you aware that the discussion was purposefully not posted in this thread as asked by Jiaz and this is a conscious decision or did you merged it ignoring Jiaz made this request ?


I have basically done the script which write finished downloads now, I am already in the commenting phase (as it is a small and simple script I didn't needed to comment it while writing it) be prepared as I have close to no experience with commenting my code for sharing it, so I don't know if it will end up correctly or with too much or not enough informations.
I have no idea what to do with mirror links as I haven't found any way to get one to experiment with them.
Since the thread have been merged back again I won't update too much to not overload this general use thread with my script progress.
I have few other things going on so the script isn't progressing super fast but it is still in my priorities.
The part 1 (Writing finished downloads) use "A Download stopped" trigger.
If I got my hand on a pair of links that will be consider as mirror by JD, I'll test out the necessary code to handle them if required.
Edit :
Nevermind, I found a valid mirror, I'll experiment tomorrow with them.
Edit 2 :
For what I see there will be two things I'll add, first, when a download finish, an option to check for their mirrors (as they don't trigger "A Download stopped") in the same package.
And a third script which will work with right click on a download to add it to the history list, it won't be long to code as it will basically pretty much the same as the one for finished downloads, except it won't check for mirrors or if it is finished to lets the user add whatever URL he want.

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