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Gotta bump this.

Does hate you guys, or what?

Days go past, any uploading.comn link fed into JD comes back as "offline" yet downloads fine manually via a browser, then uploading vanishes for half a day, when they come back their linkchecker is working properly, so I feed a handful of links into JD and leave it to download.

Works fine for about two hours, now every uploading.comn link is halted, deleting and re-adding doesn't help, all I see is "waiting for new IP". JD continues to download stuff off MU and RS happily.

To add insult to injury, the 'stuck' transfers work fine in a browser. So, I'm back to manually queuing two downloads at a time with

I've got a premium account (valid for another eleven weeks) and a static IP that hasn't changed in five years.

Who's at fault here?
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