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Okay, the shortcut I'd been using was already set to jdownloaderd3d.exe but I recreated it from there anyway. Deleted the UL account, quit JD, launched JD, re-added UL premium, it took nearly 90 secs before it finally shifted from 'unknown' to 'Premium account' and 'Unlimited'.

I started downloads, but the partials from the previous launch would not resume ('hoster problem? wait') so I reset them and away they went.

Quit JD. Launch JD. Check hosts -> premium, the UL account now reads "Account is OK" instead of "Premium account", I start downloads and the partials do not resume and give the errors 'Hoster problem? Wait' or 'Your download was not found or has expired'. Stop downloads, check hosts -> premium, now the account is showing 'invalid'. Right click and choose to refresh it, a few seconds later it turns to 'Premium account' 'Unlimited' (as it should). Click start, and whilst partials do not resume (they need a reset) a fresh UL link starts happily, as do the reset ones.

This smacks of a change in cookie-handling to me
exactly problem with me
it seemed like i have to refresh in order to have my premium account "works" as premium. after download 3 files, it changes to "Account is ok"

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