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Default Ubiqfile account not being recognized as premium

My ubiqfile account expires in April 2019 but JDownloader is telling me the account's premium has expired. The last successful download by JDownloader using this account completed about 14 hours ago, so it's a recent problem.

When I log in to ubiqfile in my browser it tells me my "Traffic available today" is "-1 Mb". Trying to open a file manually gives the error "You have reached the download-limit: 20000 Mb for last 1 days "

I will wait until tomorrow to see if the available balance increases and then see if JDownloader recognizes the account's premium state again. If so, then JDownloader is not properly recognizing that the account is still a premium account when the daily traffic is used up.

28.09.18 17.27.13 <--> 28.09.18 17.32.25 jdlog://6439364433151/

This is a little unrelated, but previously I've noticed that JDownloader skips files when the daily traffic is used up. I would match rather that JDownloader puts the file on a cooldown timer instead so that the file starts again when the traffic has reset.
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