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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Yes I've also seen that but no idea how their rates are.
Do you mean to display the trafficleft?

Fanboy06 please reply!

Yeah, i think its measured in points (how many points a image takes depends on the sized/resolution of the file). A normal account has i think 5 000 credit. So after using up your credits you wont be able to download more. The thing is that my account has 50 000 credit, but still still stops downloading most of the time after reaching the 5 000 limit (sometimes 10 000 or so, but most of the time after 5 000).

After getting the error/notification from jdownloader 2 telling me that i reached my limit, i was still able to view image on the website. Meaning this should be a thing from jdownloaders side. sry, for the late answer.

When you are logged in, you can press "My Home". There you can see the Image Limits. you can try to use jdownloader to download images until you can't download with jdownloader anymore. When you check the limits again, you will see that i haven't reached my actual limits. If I reach my actual limit, I wont be able to view any image on the site. My guess is that it is a limit implemented into jdownloader 2 to avoid bans from trying again and again to download from the site. (you my need to update by going into other tabs or the like to make it show you the right limit)

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