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I've realized I forgot to take something into account: I almost always download from ExHentai instead of E-Hentai (it contains some galleries that E-Hentai doesn't). That's why I hadn't noticed that the plugin works properly (no errors or stoppages after passing the "5000 image limit") when downloading E-Hentai galleries. It only refuses to go past said limit when I try to download ExHentai galleries.

I've included a log that should showcase this. This is what I did:

-I made my image limit counter go above 5000 before I started logging.
-I added the same gallery from both E-H and ExH as separate packages.
-I downloaded the first image from the E-H package succesfully.
-I tried to download the same image, but from the ExH package this time. It failed and this put me in the "Download limit reached" state.
-I tried to download the second image from the E-H package, but it failed with another "Download limit reached" warning.
-I disabled, then re-enabled my account through the Plugins page. This reset my state to "Account is OK"
-I then downloaded both the second and third images from the E-H package succesfully.

Any additional attempts to download ExH images after passing the 5000 image limit resulted in failure and a need to disable/re-enable the account in order to keep downloading from E-H.

Log: 30.12.20 18.51.08 <--> 30.12.20 18.55.34 jdlog://3578525302851/

Thanks for your time, and sorry for the wall of text.