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Static IPs do not change without a special request to your ISP.

Dynamic IPs that only change every 2 days are referred to as "Sticky IPs" in the board. Search through the Reconnection Forum for this problem. How you solve the problem depends on your equipment: What router do you use? Do you have a separate Modem? appears to increase your waiting time for each file until you are waiting 1 1/2 hours between downloads.

I just live with it, because I am downloading from between 4 and 8 different hosts at a time. If you cannot find a way to change your IP, this is the best way around the problem. The other way is to buy premium service (you might buy premium on one host for a few days, then switch to a different host).

The final approach is to use a private proxy service (public proxies are too slow). But that can be just as expensive.

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