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Originally Posted by Statter View Post
You could also if the app store doesn't allow now days for such backward compatible programs to be put up and actually downloaded by those wanting or needing them, you could probably put such shares up on maybe your own web site or blog or some other site for others to grab and then use without having to jump through apples loop. just a thought. As a programmer many do have their own sites and blogs in one form or another.
thank you very much for your thougts. Currently, I have only very less time to bring in new things, but I'll keep this in mind. Yes, you're right, and the most difficult part would be to find any alternative for the WKWebview API, which currently seems to be the only way to display Googles recaptchas and is only available from 10.10+.

Check out the latest version (1.0.4). The app does now also close together with your local JDownloader. I already submitted a version (1.0.5) to Apple that fixes a stupid bug with popped over captchas. It would be nice if you could give me feedback.

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