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Hi neoyoli,

Originally Posted by neoyoli View Post
Hey Julian, thanks for the open-quit feature, it is amazing! Really good. I even disabled JDownloader tray icon (menu bar icon) because it's not needed anymore.
thanks for the feedback. Good to hear!

Originally Posted by neoyoli View Post
However notifications don't work for me (in the Notification Center I see some notifications, but the banner doesn't show up, when it happens. I'm not sure if it's just me or a bug, but worked previously (doesn't work with the tray icon enabled either).
That sounds strange. Notifications work fine for me on macOS 10.15.1 and at least the last message shall remain in the notification center. Have you tried turning notifications off and on again in the apps preferences window? Have you also checked and granted notification settings in macOS settings? Does uninstall/install help?

Originally Posted by neoyoli View Post
Important notifications I'd like to see and the option to toggle them:

- download started
Your suggestions should be feasible. Hopefully, I will find some time now between the years.

Originally Posted by neoyoli View Post
I can test too, if needed.
Thanks for the offer. It would be great to have a tester for this app. Unfortunately, since Apple Testflight is not available for macOS apps, it would be necessary to register your Mac UUID for testing in my developer account.

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