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Default Twitter - Linkgrabber not doing complete scrape

So I've noticed something recently that's absolutely troubling and I don't know if this has been noted.

While I'm painfully aware of another issue plaguing the Twitter side of things, I feel that at the very I should do my part in at least reporting these things when noticed.

What I'm finding is that when the links are being grabbed, the linkgrabber only goes so far in the past of uploaded files. It's honestly not easy to pin how far Jdownloader goes, or why, but it just does.

So for example on my end, downloading the media of this artist is NEARLY complete, but somehow the last three images (not counting the youtube video posted) just don't get picked up by the Linkgrabber

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

And a log
13.01.20 06.17.42 <--> 13.01.20 06.43.06 jdlog://9377330900751/

This test can be repeated across other twitter accounts as well.
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