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I have been checking back to see if doiulou ever expanded on their idea in any way, explanation or example of code.

I assume what they have in mind is that rather than having jdownloader simply look only at a user profile and make the calls from their, have it so that Jdownloader does the scraping in controlled searches by date between now and whatever time the profile first started.

It does appear that twitter from the public facing side of things allows for that as it stands, so to someone it should stand to reason that if you take the twitter username and do a series of "(from:[USERNAME-HANDLE]) until:END_DATE since: START_DATE" and basically go down the dates, you might be able to get around twitter's current limit on the API and get the links for all of the media on an account.

Of course, that's assuming the twitter dev's haven't already thought of that.

I'm merely trying to expand what might have been on the table though, I don't know much myself on API's and all that, nor an intimate understanding of Twitter's.

For all I know, doiulou might have been going a different direction. What i do know though is that you can't do a search by time that's too large, like trying to look through tweets between a span of 2019-01-01 to 2018-01-01. Though I do think anything less than maybe 300 days seems to work just fine, but I'm going into probably unnecessary details at the moment.
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