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what version of 1.6 is supported for jdownloader? I upgraded to java 1.7 recently to try to keep the latest build working (some new code added a dependency on java 7, I think it was some sort of asynchronous file buffer or something like that), but installing JDK7 broke startup in a manner identical to what chantak describes above (Same stacktrace). Even worse, I still can't run the latest build of jdownloader because the cobra.jar committed isn't the right one ( refers to some test classes not included in it). So I can't run the jar or the developer source version for now :(

Is there any way I can launch the jdownloader.jar from an old version of java? I found a similar defect where someone said to try creating a shortcut which launches jdownloader.jar from an old jdk's javaw, as in:
"c:\Program Files\java\jdk1.6.0_11\bin\javaw.exe -JAR c:\program files\jdownloader\jdownloader.jar"

But when I try to do this under XP pro, I get an error "Windows cannot find C:\Program" and it won't let me create the shortcut.
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