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Did you attach an image?

By the title I think you may be having the same problem I'm having. Trying to download a video from openload opens a browser window with the recaptcha test for me to complete. It was working a couple of days ago. Now the recaptcha box shows a message saying that "localhost" is not in the list of supported domains for this site key. It looks like Jdownloader opens the recaptcha for openload on a web server hosted on the local machine hence the localhost domain. The recaptcha support states that the "localhost" domain is no longer available by default for development and if it needs to be used for development site key owner must add it to a list of trusted domains. The captcha solving web page recommends installing My.Jdownloader browser extension to "get more readable and solvable captchas" but I doubt it would be of any use is this case.

Did it find a work around this problem?

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