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Hi, thanks for moving

Yep, JD works fine.

And here is what I get when I try to enable my account:
------------------------ Thread: 316 -----------------------
316 09.11.09 17:22:36 - SEVERE [java_downloader] -> AccountUpdate: failed!
EXCEPTION 316 09.11.09 17:22:36 - SEVERE [java_downloader] -> SEVERE Exception occurred
at jd.http.Browser.connect(
at jd.http.Browser.openRequestConnection(
at jd.http.Browser.getPage(
at jd.plugins.hoster.IFileIt.login(
at jd.plugins.hoster.IFileIt.fetchAccountInfo(
at jd.controlling.AccountController.updateAccountInfo(Unknown Source)
at jd.gui.swing.jdgui.components.premiumbar.PremiumStatus.updatePremium(
at jd.gui.swing.jdgui.components.premiumbar.PremiumStatus.access$7(
at jd.gui.swing.jdgui.components.premiumbar.PremiumStatus$

Same with other accounts.
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