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Originally Posted by fritzmasita View Post
I experience a really strange bug with jDownloader on my MacBook Pro.
At home i connect my MBP to an external TFT and have jDownloader run on the external screen.
Whenever i'm on the go jDownloader doesn't detect that my TFT is not connected anymore. Therefore i can't access the jDownloader main window till i connect my external display again and put jDownloader on my MBP screen.

I hope anybody understands my problem and can provide a solution to me?!
Jdownloader is probably opening just fine but, your app is set for the external screen display ... you need to go to the system prefs under monitors I and reset to mirror display so the app will be seen again properly when not using dual monitors ... or you will need ot set the MBP through the sys prefs when you have both monitors connected to select the MBP as the primary monitor before disconnecting .. If you have the show monitor icon in the upper right menu bar area you can adjust through there also.

A video is posted here that might help you understand a bit better maybe. **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**
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