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I dont want to have to sacrifice the browser loop captcha function since it is so useful for many hosts and necessary for some hosts. I always have JD in silent mode and don't to always be switching it on/off just to use browser loop so as it is now, I would need to give one up

the way they have JD configured now is kinda dumb

I especially don't want to deal with scripts for Firefox.

the issue isn't just the 200 tabs I sometimes find open but the fact that JD unexpectedly brings up my browser or opens up a new tab and takes me away from a page I am looking at in the fist place. It is annoying to be reading and article or watching a stream on Chaturbate and suddenly be taken to a new tab or be watching a movie or playing a game and have Firefox pop up over the other windows and interupt what I was doing

All captcha functions in JD need to wait for the user to open JD before it brings up their browser.
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