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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
What exactly does the script do?
Skip Download after Captcha? So you skip all other downloads or skip the download you just entered the captcha for?
Here is the new log,

18.11.16 09.56.54 <--> 18.11.16 09.58.17 jdlog://7747981887641/

I have a script for each scenario you described. I'm currently using the one that skips all, but I have another one that only skips the one I entered based on the size downloaded. So it only skips downloads that have downloaded under ten megabytes for example. This issue happens for both scripts though. Like I said in the original post, if you give me your email, I'll email you both scripts.
I don't fight the system, but I do play fighting games on it. PS4 to be exact. On second thought, sometimes it won't work right and I have to hit it a couple of times before it's fixed. So technically, I do fight the system.
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