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Default How to download all images in folders, one generation down into webpage

Still loving JD2. Best download software EVER, by far.

I'm sure this question has been discussed before, but I don't know how to search for an answer. I don't know the terminology.

Here's a webpage with a large number of photos. Each photo is a link to another page with a series of photos related to the top "link" photo.

Is there a way to download all the photos in separate folders without manually capturing each link? I would love to learn some way to just select-all on the top page and that generates a folder for each of the embedded "under" links.

Basically, I'm not looking to download the images on this page. I'm looking to download all the images on the pages that these images link to. And I want jdownloader2 to create folders for each page so that all I have to do is select-all and copy-selected-links on this page. One or two clicks, then a few minutes of jd2 generating folders and links, and I'm done.

I think the photos I want are not one folder down. They are two folders down. The below link is the top page. Those images all link to thumbnails one page down. And those thumbnails link to the full-resolution individual images that I'm after.

There are about 580 images on this page. I want jd2 to create 580 folders, each named automatically like the 580 webpages, and each folder containing the 12 to 20 links to full-res images.

How is this accomplished?

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