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Default Pornhub/ PornhubPremium Interchangability Issue

Hello! Long time no see! Hope everyone is well and healthy!

Here's the issue... Right now i don't have premium credentials, but i still have the old container. I loaded them and attempted to download a couple but i am receiving the message "Skipped - Account is missing".

02.02.21 16.59.21 02.02.21 17.20.03 jdlog://7439625302851/

Now, the problem is that this didn't used to happen. The aforementioned links are under pornhubpremium, but the viewkey is always the same for both. The aforementioned links are regular Pornhub, but i can't download because they are under pornhubpremium and this was never an issue with the old plugin config's.

If i copy the URL and paste on my browser all i have to do is remove the "premium" and voila. Wouldn't it be possible to revert to the old settings? Meaning, if i have an associated valid account for premium, it will use that, but if it doesn't then it will simply bypass the necessity for a premium account and be able to read all Pornhub links under Pornhubpremium. I can even see the online status which says it's online.

If this is not possible then i will need a premium account to read pornhub links under the pornhubpremium url, which is just unreasonable. What happens when someone's credentials expire? All the links become obsolete.


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