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We already understood the issue.

According to Jiaz, nur alle URLs are interchangable (anymore) which makes this even harder to implement.
The old version of PH plugins which were mainly coded by me simply changed the URLs depending on whether the user had a premium account or not (even then, I did not have a fallback handling in place for whenever the users' premium expired).

The problem is also:
What to do if premium expires?
Fallback to the BEST available free variant?
--> And or try to get the same quality in free mode first (only sometimes possible)?
What if a premium account is available again some time after it expired?
Always use a fallback into free mode or only if allowed via setting?
(Because most users who add URLs in premium mode will want exactly these URLs.)
Also use free fallback if user attempts to download premium links in free mode (e.g. account disabled or removed while it was available when user has initially added the URLs).

So you see: It is not easy.
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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
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