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It's not so complicated from where i am standing. If the viewkey is always the same for both then its very simple. If there is no account whatsoever associated to the plugin then it will always look for

If there is a FREE pornhub account and the URL is then there is a conflict. Nothing changed here, it's the same as it was before.

If there is no account, then simply make plugin always read instead of pornhubpremiumcom/view_video.php?viewkey=, regardless of whether the URL is premium or not.

Shouldn't this be possible? Now i see only one Plugin. Is this the reason why it's different? Why not go back to two plugin's?

P.S: That file i gave you contains a shit ton of unlisted videos (material only accessible via link). So, i will use the Pornhub links Oct 14, 2019 - Nov 1, 2019 until this is fixed. Currently checking online status for all of them. That file i gave you contains 70000 links, all valid as of July 2020 (i did a massive online check at the time, 10000 invalid out of 80000). I suppose most are down by now, but like i said, contains a tremendous amount of unlisted ones.

Honestly i don't know if it's worth going back. The size is still the same after the alterations. This is the quality users experienced in between late March and April 2020. Some videos are worth collecting, but for the users who knew what the quality was like, and the size (2x to 3x smaller), then it still causes a great deal of confusion.

The upside is that now there are rough dates in the description, which helps old users like me. You could only find dates in the stream section, and that took some work. I could focus only on clips released in the past 8 months. But... I like collecting massive quantities (up to 1000 per day, manually), and then simply download a certain amount for daily use without taking effort or time to select them. Could be by size (largest), model, or keyword.

I always did this by size (largest), while filling the stash with the smaller ones (for maximum profit, considering my very limited storage space). Which was a mistake because the best stuff was somewhere in the middle. The alterations came by late March 2020 and the stuff kind of became obsolete to me. I suppose it's nostalgia hitting me... Wishing everything could be the way it was.

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