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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
There are several places for speed limit. Pause Button, Speed limit in rightclick context menu in speed graph and at bottom right corner in quick settings. You can also trigger via hotkey (if assigned).
About NIS, thanks for the explanation ;) Either you put ffmpeg in exclude list or agree to it manually. Can't tell where this comes from
I've been told NIS actually consumes a LOT of system resources and slows down things, as well as yielding quite some false alarms. However, it can also be oversensitive in some cases, such as this -- replacing the ffmpeg and ffprobe with the newly downloaded ones and NIS senses just that and flags a warning. Or course I allow that action and it's now in NIS'es exlclude list (hopefully).

On separate note, is there a true release version of JD? It's been in Beta build, even up to this point...
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