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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
We didn't know about no longer supported WindowsXP/Vista/2003. As I said, we can't do extended testing.
You know now.
Anyway, it's not for myself.
I've fixed my own installation, but anyone who doesn't know how to hunt down the various threads here and find the special builds and how to stop JD from overwriting them will have no hope.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
There is absolute no reason to use that old OS anymore. [
Well, not for you. For me, there is.
I've only got one PC, and on that I need to do my work, and for that I have a suite of antique programs, some dating back to 1990. I'm sure it's possible to make them run in some emulation on new OS, but working out how to do that is not trivial. Even worse would be trying to move 25 years of files to new applications. (I have recently been asked to do updates on projects I did in the early 90s.) I may have to do it some time, but so far everything vital works and I don't want to mess with it.
I don't ask for any special consideration, but not everyone is just using their PC for internet apps and media player.
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