Thread: [Solved] JD suddenly freeze [MAC]
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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
if you can not open JD how do you expect to update ? you need to follow directions.
Except we have no problem opening earlier versions. Which we can update to the latest version within the program, without going to jdupdate.rar

The problem is not that we can't update to the broken version. It's that latest update breaks the program.

(Or at the very least, it's the update released this past weekend. You seem to imply there was another one since, but the Changelog isn't being maintained.)

Regardless, I tried that after your previous post -- using jdupdate.jar instead -- and it broke the program. Same as updating from within the program.

Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
blocking updates is silly stop gap measure. Plugins are required in order to keep a working JD. It's smarter to get this issue resolved.
I agree. But for the time being, blocking updates with an earlier version is the only way to get it to work.

Again, I don't see why the update that broke the program hasn't been killed. Then we could all update to the latest version before it broke, so we would have the most recent plugins -- up until that point -- required to keep JD working. And the developers could work on a new update that works in the meanwhile.
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