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Originally Posted by JayK View Post
Hello Simon!

I just wanted to let you know that the new version of the app is so good, the new features make it so much easier to work with.

Even the issue I had with the download path is gone and the Captcha notification works like a charm.

Thank you!
Thanks JayK, it's always nice to hear feedback like that. I'm glad it's all working.


I've had a few emails asking about Click'n'load and if it's supported in the app or not. As it stands at the moment, Click'n'load works with the internal web browser (link grabber -> Browse for links), but not every website works, which is why I don't advertise it as a feature in the app. If it works for the websites you use, Great. If not, sorry.

Click'n'load is not supported outside of the app e.g. safari or chrome. To my knowledge this is not possible on iOS and probably never will be. Click'n'load requires a http daemon to be running listening for Click'n'load calls. There is no way to keep it running and listening once the app is backgrounded. iOS is very very strict about what apps can run in the background and would kill MyJD.

If an app wants to communicate with another app on iOS, this is done with 'deep linking'. Any app on iOS can communicate with MyJD Remote, using this scheme: myjd://

For example:

The browser would detect the users operating system, and if it's iOS, then

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would simply be replaced with


I can add support for this into the app in an hours work. The hard part would be convincing websites to make this change to their Click'n'load code...
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