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Some users are reporting that push notifications are no longer being received - this is a bug Apple has introduced with iOS 11.

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The app utilises silent push notifications e.g. the app gets the push notification but it doesn't tell you about it. When the app gets the notification the relevant information is downloaded in the background e.g. online JD's, pending captchas/dialgs etc.. and once the app has that information, it shows you a local notification making it look like a remote notification

This is broken in iOS 11, but apparently apple has a fix coming in iOS 11.1 so please wait for this OS version to be released


Apple is getting even more strict about how silent push notifications are used and for captcha pushes to be delivered reliably we may have to revert to 'standard' generic notifications. e.g. the notification won't know your device name and won't be able to take you directly to the captcha when you press it

Users who are still running iOS 10, could you please post here and let me know how reliable the notification are? e.g. 9 out of 10 times a new captcha is available you get a notification

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