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Default [rapidgator] jd2 prone to timeouts relative to browser

so in a previous thread I discovered a problem with rapidgator (not jd2) that jd2 couldn't resume a download because of something on rapidgator side.

I had come to depend on resuming as my downloads would regularly time out (we are talking 12+ hour downloads). At first I thought it was an issue with my proxies, but it turns out even if I don't use a proxy, it happens just as often. So, I thought it might be rapidgator, but to test, I first tried downloading the same file I had difficulty with in firefox and it completed on its first try.

I dont know what's going on, but to me it seems that jd2 is prone to timing out in a way that firefox is not. While this was going on, I had a 30 hour rclone push to google drive going on and none of those connections broke either.

any good way of debugging this? if I had to throw a dart blindly, I'd wonder if it has anything to do with garbage collection causing hiccups and freezing things long enough for connections to die?
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