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Wow thanks for sorting that out, even just this step makes the process far less tedious!

As there are many many thousands to process I suspect I may get a bit bored with doing this captcha over and over which makes me think that a plugin is a better long term solution? You mentioned in PM that you and the developers don't take money to work on specific plugins...are there any regular users on this forum who could take this sort of work?

If not then I could try making it myself...I have some knowledge of js and can maybe figure things out by looking through existing examples. From what you saw of the site do you think the solution would be relatively easy or is this going to be just too difficult for a first-timer?

Thank you again for how quickly you came up with a solution, I'll of course donate to the project in gratitude!

EDIT: So I've run it a little and it's working (thank you) but I noticed that when the downloads start failing (i.e. I have to do the captcha) JD will carry on through the there a setting I can make to stop all downloads after the first failure? This is to help avoid lots of failed connection attempts which might look suspicious.

EDIT 2: Sorted the above problem with a little script. I've since found out a lot more about how the site works. Can I maybe jump on IRC and chat to you guys about it because I think there could be a really simple plugin/script solution but would need a bit of assistance to get started?

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