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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
The update is live since yesterday
The update for me doesn't seem to work.

Right now I have a lot of small files queued up, some are only a few KB actually. But the "Wait x seconds for small files (smaller than 50 mbyte) to prevent IP block" didn't do anything. I set it to the max, 60 seconds, and it still didn't do anything. I watched it try to download files without waiting, and get the same IP block.

If we can get this working, and maybe also a way for us to set the small file size (instead of the hard coded 50mb), that would be helpful.

Is there a way we can set maximum connections per host, per host? Meaning, I know we can set "Max. sim. Downloads per hoster" but I want to be able to change that per host. So when something like the 1fichier thing comes up, I can set that to 1, but have my other downloads still do like 5 or 10 per host.

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